• "The challenge before us today
    is to mould students into
    caring and creative human beings."

  • Senior Wing National Public School
  • "Education in its true sense
    leads to happy relationships,
    meaningful work and personal fulfillment"

  • Senior Wing National Public School
  • "An enthusiastic and professional body
    of faculty ensures that excellence
    is promoted in all aspects of school life"

About NPS

After home the school is the most important place where the child is prepared as the future builder of the nation. At present the learning institutions have become a forum of business drifting far awy from the basic principles of the nurture and infuse social cultural and natural sciences,besides mental and physical development of the child in the satellite age.

Principal's Message

A school is a place where students from diverse backgrounds come and learn the basics of life. In the present competitive world, we have to evolve as a system in which technology supports a much wider range of content from world perspective and prepare children for a much challenging tomorrow.
NPS - Rudrapur